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Multi-Channel Marketing Funnel

With multi-channel marketing in place, you will reach your customers where they are. No matter where they are, your team, your products, or your services are only a click or phone call away.


For example, let’s say you are the owner of a med spa offering a new type of facial rejuvenation.

Touch Point 1

Mary Jane is scrolling through her Facebook feed. Mary Jane is 45 years old and lives a 10-minute drive from your location. Mary Jane has also shown interest in “Fitness and Wellness.” Mary Jane sees your offer in her Facebook feed, and it piques her interest.

Mary Jane clicks on the offer to get more information. Although Mary Jane is interested, life gets in the way, and she does not make an appointment.

Touch Point 2

While Mary Jane was exploring your Facebook offer, she was added to the remarketing list. Now, while Mary Jane is at home viewing a video, she sees a YouTube video ad with the same offer.

She thinks about how she would like to get a facial but, again, has other priorities and does not take the time to make an appointment.

Touch Point 3

Mary Jane has a stressful week at work and wants to treat herself. She remembers a special offer for facial rejuvenation but not all the details. She opens a browser and searches for Med Spa near me.

She sees your location in the resulting map listing. She remembers the name of your business from the previous touchpoints. She can see how close you are to her home. Mary Jane calls and schedules an appointment. She loves the services she receives and has become a long-term customer.

Your Next Multi-Channel Marketing Funnel Steps

The multi-channel marketing model is essential for growing a business, whether you’re running a plumbing company or a medical clinic. It’s a strategy that lets your customers choose when, where, and how they interact with you.

Let’s take the first step together. Contact our team for an evaluation and a plan containing the next steps.

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